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Here’s How to Make the Most of that Spare Apartment

Are you considering turning your spare apartment into a vacation rental? Seasonal renting is a popular phenomenon on the rise and more people today are renting out their homes to holidaymakers. A guest always rents a furnished apartment with equipped accommodation for one night to several weeks. However, you need to prepare accordingly as renting out your property is a huge undertaking. With proper planning and hard work, here is how you can turn your spare apartment into a vacationer’s favorite memory.

1. Clean your home

Before you decide to rent out your apartment to short-term guests, there are a few things you need to do to ensure your home is comfortable. You need to keep your house clean in advance to ensure your guests have a memorable experience. Put fresh towels in all bathrooms, clear out broken items, stock your toiletries and keep your precious belongings in a secure location. Additionally, ensure the furniture is comfortable and that all appliances work. Routine lawn maintenance is advisable to maintain the aesthetic value of your home.

2. Equip your apartment for guests

Your home or rental property should be well equipped with all the essential amenities the guest may need to make their stay as pleasant as possible. Do you have a fast internet connection? If not, find a reliable internet provider, as most guests expect to have uninterrupted internet access. Although not necessary, there are many ways you can make your guest enjoy a more pleasant stay. 

Get creative and leave goodies around the home for your guests like chocolate, a bottle of wine, or fresh fruit. 

3. Leave Detailed Instructions

You can leave detailed instructions for your guests to ensure everything runs smoothly in your home. You can include instructions that explain how to operate your remote controls and other electronic devices, and how to configure your Wi-Fi connection. Also ensure you provide guidelines to help your guests learn how to use the washing machine, air and heating conditioning system, clothes dryer or security system. Additionally, explain where the trash is kept. You can also leave a detailed list of local gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants or eateries.

4. Hire a professional photographer

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. For any potential guests who are trying to decide if your property suits their taste, your home pictures do matter. You can invest in a professional photographer who can take quality pictures of your property. Remember that vacationers like to visualize themselves spending quality time at their upcoming relaxation spot of choice even before they pack their bags. Therefore, it goes without saying that a couple of quality professional photos of your rental condo will go a long way in assisting their imagination, and consequently, impacting their final choice to your advantage.

5. Hire the services of a property management company like Luckey

Luckey caters to people with property or homes left unoccupied for part or most of the year. We manage fully furnished rental apartments on behalf of homeowners. We help make your guests’ stay feel personalized and go the extra mile to ensure that they feel at home for the time that they will spend in your property. Luckey also goes the extra mile by streamlining the entire experience by screening your prospective tenants and cleaning after them.

Word of advice

You need to consider a few things before you rent out your place. Screen all potential guests carefully. You can’t risk your property getting vandalized or defaced so due diligence is essential and remember you can say no if you are not comfortable with a particular tenant. It’s not unusual to request the guest to pay a security deposit. When you decide to charge a deposit, ensure you write a contract stating how and when you’ll return the deposit. 

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