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How to delete my Airbnb listing?

Sold your house; decided not to rent your home at the last minute; created a duplicate listing, etc. There are many reasons for wanting to delete your Airbnb listing. However, the process to delete a listing can sometimes be more complicated than originally expected.

Instead of wasting your precious time and desperately looking for the “delete” tab, Luckey has put together some instructions to get you started and on your way.

First, it’s important to note that removing a listing from Airbnb is final. In the event that a host wishes to repost their listing later, they would need to fully recreate it after the fact (i.e. restart anew).

That’s why Airbnb has come up with a few alternatives that are worth pursuing, such as pausing a listing, which hides the listing and makes it invisible in online search results for a specified period of time (by the host). At the end of the specified period, the listing is automatically reactivated. Following the reactivation, the host is informed of the update by email.

The second option is a compromise between pausing the listing and complete deletion: this option “hides” the listing, making it disappear from online search results for an indefinite period and without a planned reactivation date.

There are a variety of reasons why a host would want to permanently delete their listing. In such cases, the following steps should be taken:

The Airbnb listing will be deleted immediately and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address linked to the account. Rest assured, deleting a listing will have no impact on associated Airbnb accounts nor on other listings in your profile. Your account will remain the same, and you can continue to create and publish listings at your discretion. Before deleting your listing, we recommend you contact Airbnb first. 

Please note that an active listing with future bookings and/or booking requests cannot be permanently deleted. In other words, if a guest has already booked a stay, the listing cannot be removed. Additionally, old comments on your listing will remain on your public profile because they also cannot be deleted.

At Luckey, we manage your ads in the most relevant way possible. Our online team is happy to manage your Airbnb listing(s) and make sure your hosting experience is as easy as possible. 

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