How to Clean Your Airbnb?

Besides managing your Airbnb listing and communicating with guests, cleaning your Airbnb home is essential to ensure you run a successful rental. Cleaning your Airbnb is important as guests expect to stay in a clean area. By ensuring you take the time to clean your property, you will receive better ratings and more guests in the future.

Clean the kitchen

When cleaning the kitchen, most people often forget to clean inside the fridge. Check whether there is stale food inside the fridge and throw it away. It can be disappointing when a guest opens the fridge to look for a snack only to discover a week-old pudding instead.

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Keep the bathroom clean

Keeping your bathroom clean is a great way to ensure you get a positive guest review on Airbnb. Remove stubborn toothpaste marks from the mirrors. Always remember to use cleaning gloves when cleaning your bathroom to prevent bacteria from spreading into other areas.

Keep towels clean

You should always ensure you change all towels and linen before a new visitor checks-in. Use bleach to clean white sheets, pillowcases, and bed coverings. However, if you don’t have white sheets, find a suitable cleaning detergent because bleach can easily stain colourful fabric. In case you accidentally stain the sheets during cleaning, get new ones. As a suggestion, you can buy a spare set of sheets that guests can use when you take one set to the laundry.  

Ventilate the home 

Before you start cleaning your home, open the windows for proper ventilation. This will help remove unpleasant odours. Keeping your home properly ventilated will kill bacteria and maintain good air quality. You can leave the windows open during the day to freshen up the apartment.

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Clean carpets regularly

Vacuum your carpet regularly to remove any unwanted stains and odours. Alternatively, you can consider replacing the carpet to enhance the overall look of your apartment. Choose light or neutral colours as they are easy to clean.

Tidy up your living room

The living room is the heart of your home and so you should pay close attention to this area when cleaning. Remove clutter from the tables and straighten up the couch to remove dust and food crumbs. Vacuum the floors, straighten blinds or curtains, and light a scented candle to freshen the air. Throw away old newspapers and neatly arrange your books and magazines. Also, ensure you clear any shoes or other items from the front entrance, so your guests don’t step over your belongings when they arrive.

Trim the lawn 

First impressions do matter if you want to attract potential guests. Ensure you cut the grass, and the hedges are well-trimmed. You can consider adding new plants to your yard to add a touch of personality. This shows prospective guests that preserving the aesthetic value of your property is important to you.

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Remove hair everywhere

You need to double-check for any stray hairs once you are done cleaning your home. While they are not easy to spot, stray hairs can be unpleasant to guests, not to mention the fact that they make a room feel unclean. Inspect all surfaces and pay close attention to bedding. As mentioned earlier, vacuum properly and leave nothing to chance.

Cleaning your Airbnb is no easy feat, but taking your time to do a good job is rewarding in the long run. When you make an effort to ensure guests are comfortable, you will get better reviews as this proves to them that you care about their comfort.

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