Julie shares her home in Lyon while working in Paris

With Luckey, Julie has her Airbnb taken care of from start to finish.

A word about Julie

Julie is 31 years-old and owns a 35 sqm. apartment that she bought 5 years ago for 140K €, 80% of which was financed by a bank loan over 18 years. Every month, she reimburses 673€ to the bank to pay back the loan. When Julie was transferred to Paris in September 2014, she didn't want to leave her home empty while she was away for work. She decided to share her home with travellers from around the world coming to Lyon to enjoy the city and all it has to offer.

The issues that came up

The first problem Julie had to face was creating her listing on Airbnb. She didn't know how to take quality pictures that would attract more bookings nor did she know what to write in the description of her listing. She also didn't have the time to talk to each and every guest, considering she was working full time already. Overall, managing her home on Airbnb would take up a lot of time and effort which Julie didn't have.

Choosing Luckey

Julie had considered managing the home on her own, but she was well aware of the time she would have to devote to this type of activity (replying to messages and booking requests, welcoming guests, cleaning services, laundry, maintenance, price management, etc.), all this despite her full-time job. The distance between her new workplace and her apartment was another major drawback.

Julie heard about Luckey through a friend of hers in Paris who had offered her main residence on Airbnb when she went on vacation.

Consequently, Julie asked us to step in to help her rent her apartment in Lyon on Airbnb.

The results

After a slow start in the 3rd quarter of 2015, Julie saw her income gradually rise along with her improved search engine referencing, thanks to the good reviews she got from her guests. With all the positive comments on her listing, her average income should continue to rise in the following year.

Julie’s apartment is now auto-financed by the money she makes from listing her home on Airbnb. She has also been able to come back home every so often; all she had to do is block the dates on her Luckey app.

To conclude, it was a very successful experience for Julie and managing her Airbnb proved to be easy and totally hassle-free thanks to Luckey.


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Luckey and Airbnb
Since its purchase in December 2018, Luckey has become an Airbnb wholly-owned subsidiary.