Airbnb rental property management in Avignon
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Luckey offers your guests best-in-class hospitality with an all-inclusive service: listings, guest arrivals and departures, cleaning services, 24/7 assistance, and more.

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No more fuss: just sit back and relax.
We'll take care of your guests from start to finish.

Unlike an à la carte system, we believe that a full-service management solution is the only way to ensure across-the-board quality control for all aspects of a short-term rental. By getting to know your property inside and out, we're able to handle any issues that may come up during a guests stay.

High-standards service for your property.

  • Professional cleaning service before guests arrive and upon their departure
  • Verification of the accommodation's overall condition
  • Hotel-quality household linen, slippers, vanity kits and Nespresso capsules
  • Swift response to any unexpected situations that may arise
  • Coverage under our all-inclusive insurance policy

Personalized support for your guests, 24/7.

  • Arrival and departure management
  • Instructions on how to find your home
  • Welcome guide with information about your equipment/WiFi connections and neighborhood
  • Help desk open 24/7
  • And far more…

The Airbnb and short-term rental market in Avignon

Thanks to its reputation well beyond the borders of France, Avignon attracts millions of visitors every year, lovers of history and culture. This craze for the city has led to the development of a dynamic tourism sector. This phenomenon has been increasing with the emergence of seasonal rental platforms such as Airbnb or Homeaway. Do you have an accommodation in Avignon? Increase comfort and profitability with Luckey Homes Airbnb rental management.

Seasonal rental market in Avignon

Avignon is a very touristic city: it welcomes more than 1.5 million visitors each year for more than 5 million night stays in the city. We must say that the city is very well served: you can get there from Paris in 2h40 and Marseille in 30 minutes, Eurostar can connect London without changing in Paris, and several airports are also nearby.The tourist attraction for Avignon also helps the seasonal rental market: more than 3500 short-term rentals are now listed, for a total of more than 80000 visitors each year. In terms of income, the platforms estimate that hosts renting during their holidays earn an average of €1700 per year thanks to their listing.

What to do in Avignon ?

Avignon is known for being a city with a very important historical and cultural heritage. Former City of the Popes, the city has preserved pieces of his past until today. Take the time to visit the Papal Palace or the various medieval churches that one finds there - and more generally to stroll through the streets of the old town.The Pont d'Avignon, made famous by a popular song, is another point of interest worth visiting. In addition, Avignon is known as a theatre town, hosting every year in July one of the world's leading theatre festivals attended by passionated visitors from around the world.

CASE STUDY : Jacques

Thanks to our Airbnb property management service, Jacques clears a net income of €2040 per month on average in Avignon

Jacques decided to make a short-term rental investment of his property. Before Luckey, he was earning €1200 per month on long-term rental. Now, he earns an average of €2040, a 70% increase!

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Luckey's share of the generated revenue

20% including tax

No prepayments, no hidden fees. Simply no strings attached.

You’ll get 80% of the revenue generated. The cleaning fee is paid for by the guest. We do not take a commission on the cleaning. See an example

Here's what you get by choosing Luckey

  • Creation of your listing on Airbnb
  • High-quality cleaning services
  • 24/7 assistance for you and your guests
  • For optimized profits, prices are adjusted on a daily basis
  • Physical welcoming for the guests
  • Quality household linen, slippers, vanity kits and Nespresso capsules for guests
  • ​Insurance policy covering your property
  • Load more
  • Quick and efficient team available for general maintenance and other inquiries
  • Greater satisfaction for your guests
  • A mobile app that lets you manage availability
  • A professional photographer to take pictures of your home
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