Say goodbye to all the hassles of a short-term rental
and boost your monthly income at the same time

Luckey offers your guests an all-inclusive hotel-quality service: listings, guest arrivals and departures, cleaning services, 7/7 assistance, and more.

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No more fuss: there’s nothing you have to do to welcome your guests.
We'll take care of everything from start to finish.

We believe that, unlike an à la carte solution, a full-service management system is the only way to ensure across-the-board quality control of all aspects of a rental, to get to know your property inside out, and be able to handle any issue that may come up during a stay.

Your property will have all the benefits of a hotel-class service.

  • Professional cleaning service before you arrive and upon your departure
  • Verification of the overall condition of the accommodation
  • Hotel-quality household linen, slippers, vanity kits, Nespresso capsules
  • Swift response to any unexpected situation that may arise
  • Your property is covered by our all-inclusive insurance policy

Your guests will have their own special contact person available 7/7

  • Arrival and departure management
  • Instructions on how to get to your home
  • Welcome guide with information about your equipment/WiFi connexions and neighbourhood
  • Help desk open 24/7
  • And far more…

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And that’s not all… we also help you to
maximize your property’s value

Attract more guests with an optimized and well-targeted listing

We boost your occupancy rate and regularly update your prices according to the season and local events.

Our quick response means you won’t miss out on any potential bookings

We reply to all guest requests in under 5 minutes to make sure you don’t miss out on any potential reservations.

Get a lot of 5-star reviews on your listing

Your guests will be delighted by our hotel-quality service, our warm welcome, and our 24h/7 availability.

Jeremy's Experience with Short Term Rental

Jeremy clears a net income of 1663€ per year and per square meter

Jeremy renovated an office building in Paris to be able offer apartments as short-term rentals.

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Access the income you’ve generated and manage your calendar with ease and transparency

We’ve developed an app that allows you to be the boss in and of your own home.


Benefit from our team’s expertise to manage your property
and make your guests' stay a truly outstanding experience.

Luckey Team
Luckey is a young and dynamic team, fully dedicated to meeting the needs of our hosts and guests alike.

We raised more than 3 million euros from acclaimed investors:

We are backed by:

One of the world leaders in the insurance business
The world’s second largest audit and accounting firm

Ready to say goodbye to all the hassles of a short-term rental
and boost your monthly income ?

Check out our clear and competitive pricing policy.

By choosing Luckey, you’ll be choosing a top-class service

  • ​Hotel-quality cleaning services
  • ​A professional photographer
  • ​An enhanced listing based on our expertise
  • ​Prices adjusted on a daily basis
  • ​A comprehensive insurance policy covering your property
  • Cross platform synchronisation (Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO,
  • ​A quick and efficient maintenance service
  • See more
  • ​7/7 assistance for you and your guests
  • Optimized profits
  • Greater satisfaction for your guests
  • A mobile app that allows you to manage your availabilities
  • A personalized follow-up with a member of our team

20% including tax, per booking

No pre-payments, no hidden fees. Strictly no strings attached.

The extra cleaning service fees added are paid for by the guests. The price set by us depends on the size of the property and the number of guests. See an example

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Unlike an a la carte service, we truly believe that a full management system is the only way to ensure all the aspects of the quality chain, to know your property inside out and be able to handle all the issues that might come up during your rentals.

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If you don't have an Airbnb account, no problem, we'll be happy to create one for you.

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It's not possible for us to operate an account with you at the same time (data sync, security locks, etc.) If you want us to operate an already live property, you'll need to archive it at first so that we can create it again in a new account.

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We use only very well-known short-term rental platforms: Airbnb, Booking, or Homeaway. We generally post the properties available on several platforms at the same time. Airbnb remains our most widely-used platform.

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It’s hard to say without knowing all the features of your home. However, we can assure you that with us, you’ll be earning more!

We prepare your listings with care, select the most appropriate distribution platforms for your property (Airbnb, HomeAway, and adjust your prices dynamically. This means that the price of your apartment rental will be adapted according to different criteria (day of the week, whether the neighbouring properties are occupied or not, past prices, local events) to guarantee that you get the best deal possible.

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Luckey is meant for people whose property is unoccupied all or part of the year. It must fulfil the requirements of a short-term rental, namely be in compliance with the current regulations, in good condition, equipped and furnished, but also well located.

Entrust us with your property and we, in turn, will provide you with a simple and easy solution, a sure and steady income and, above all, peace of mind.

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We are ultra-careful about who we select as guests. On Airbnb, we check to see if your future guests have been well-reviewed. If the guests have no reviews, we contact them directly by phone to confirm they match with your property's requirements and rules. Each guest is required to deposit a down payment for their stay.

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Yes ! Because we will create a new one in order to keep apart your use (guest) from our exploitation.

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We call upon our own partners to ensure that the photos are of the highest-quality possible. This is in the dual objective of a better listing value and a better occupancy rate.

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You listings are drafted in both French and English, and posted on all of the best short-term rental platforms.

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The rental fee of your property depends on it surface area, location, as well as on the periods when it's available. You can rely on our expertise and experience to determine the right price.

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We've developed our own pricing adjustment system. Based on Yield Management, rental rates are updated daily according to the occupancy rate, the season, and local events. We decide together on the minimum rate you want to obtain for your property when we adjust the prices. But it's important to understand that the fact of lowering the rent in the off-season allows you to boost your property's occupancy rate, and that's why we encourage you to trust us.

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Managing all the reservations and requests for information can be a time-consuming and somewhat arduous task, but not for us. We have a system that synchronizes the reservations on the different platforms , making your bookings far easier. We also and above all have a dedicated and efficient team available to guests from 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week

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As long as we manage your property rental, we'll be the only ones able to access your Airbnb account. To track your reservations, consult the Bookings tab in your Luckey Homes app.

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So that your guests can have a unique and unforgettable stay in your place, you should not come back home without prior warning. You can block the dates of your return on your calendar via the Properties tab in the Luckey Homes app.

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The amount of the reimbursement granted to guests who cancel their reservation varies according to the cancellation policy chosen. We adjust your property rental rates according to the season, the occupancy rate and local events, and do our utmost to offer you the cancellation policy best suited to your needs.

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As there is a relatively high turnover in the number of tenants, furnishings and equipment are obviously subject to greater wear and tear. Tourists or visitors who are just passing through tend to be less attentive to personal property than tenants who rent on a yearly basis. Vacation rentals require a higher level of personal property maintenance, which can lead to some additional costs.

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We minimize risks by carefully screening our guests and carrying out follow-up visits for stays of longer than 10 days. Our housecleaning staff, which comes by after your guests have left, informs us of any anomalies in your home so that we can step in without delay.

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Our friendly, bilingual (FR-EN) Luckey Homes Welcomers are carefully selected by our team to welcome your guests. We work with a mobile app that allows us to easily communicate with each of our Welcomers and provide them with all the information they may need.

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We take the quality of our housecleaning services very seriously. They are handled by a company that we selected with care. The cleaning staff are all professionals; their services include an in-depth cleaning of the apartment and the providing of top-of-the-range Le Jacquard Français sheets and towels , a Vanity kit and slippers.

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Airbnb has a well-established dispute settlement procedure. It gathers all the evidence that could be useful for the file as quickly as possible: photos, bills, police reports and other documents attesting to the property, the damage incurred and the fair market value of the damaged goods. As soon as Airbnb reckons that is has gathered sufficient information from the two parties, it reviews all the documents and assesses the claims for compensation. We do our utmost to gather the evidence required within the very short timelines provided but Airbnb remains the sole judge, and Luckey Homes cannot be held responsible for any decision that is not in your favor.

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